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Timeless Elegance in Eyewear


Case Study:

Bombom Studio proudly presents "Slow Down," a captivating campaign for GLAS Eyewear’s summer collection. This collection features exquisitely designed reading glasses and sunglasses inspired by the architectural beauty of Stockholm and the minimalist Scandinavian style. "Slow Down" is more than a campaign; it’s a call to embrace tranquility and timelessness in both urban living and fashion.


The aim of "Slow Down" was to encourage individuals to find peace in the bustling city life and to adopt a more mindful approach to fashion. We wanted to highlight eyewear that transcends fleeting trends, offering products designed for lasting appeal and enduring quality.

Our Approach:

  • Concept Development: Rooted in the serene yet vibrant essence of Stockholm, "Slow Down" merges architectural inspiration with minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics. The campaign reflects a philosophy of mindful living and timeless style.

  • Design Inspiration: The eyewear designs draw from Stockholm's iconic structures, blending clean lines with elegant simplicity. This results in pieces that are both contemporary and classic, perfect for the discerning individual.

  • Visual Storytelling: We captured the essence of "Slow Down" through evocative imagery. The model, gracefully poised amidst the bustling streets of Stockholm, embodies the campaign's message of serenity amidst chaos. Using a slow shutter speed, we blurred the fast-paced cityscape in the background, emphasizing the contrast between the hurried urban environment and the woman's tranquil presence.

  • Campaign Messaging: "Slow Down" speaks to the value of investing in quality over quantity. The collection’s pieces are crafted to be loved for years, standing the test of time in both style and durability.


  • Engagement: The "Slow Down" campaign resonated deeply with the audience, leading to high engagement rates and a strong emotional connection to the brand message.

  • Brand Perception: GLAS Eyewear was successfully positioned as a leader in sustainable, timeless fashion, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to quality and thoughtful design.

  • Customer Impact: The campaign inspired many to rethink their approach to purchasing eyewear, favoring lasting quality and classic style over fleeting trends.


"Slow Down" is a testament to Bombom Studio’s ability to blend artistic inspiration with powerful messaging. This campaign for GLAS Eyewear encapsulates the essence of timeless design and mindful living, inviting everyone to slow down and appreciate the beauty in simplicity.

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